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LEELA: Effortless and spontaneous play

We are an online social enterprise that sells premium brands with the majority of the profit used to support youth organizations.


Let's face it, no one likes fundraising. We've all had the experience of trying to sneak past the Girl Guides selling diet-busting cookies or avoid one Mom who is desperate to unload her quota of gift cards. WE'RE CHANGING THAT! We carry products that families desire and can be proud to sell. We're creating a system that relieves the pressure on parents, teams, and buyers whiles also bringing new customers to socially driven brands. Together, kids get to JUST play!

Our Mission is to Support Your Goal

Our intention is to reduce the financial barriers for youth athletes to participate in rep and varsity sports. The majority of our sales margin is funneled back to the sport's teams who fundraise with us. Together, kids get to JUST play!