No. 016 - Lovespell

No. 016 - Lovespell

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A fresh composition of orange and grape make a sweet bouquet with floral hints of rose, violet and jasmine, floating on a base of musk, amber and vanilla. Similar to the popular Victoria’s Secret fragrance!

7 oz travel tin

Victoria's Secret…

They’d shopped at this end of town hundreds of times. It was like this little shop appeared over night. Walking in, the trio of friends heard a faint bell ring in another room. Spicy, woodsy and floral bouquets filled the air. Baskets brimming with colorful flower petals lined one side of the shop.

A beautiful woman with jet black hair and dark eyes came through the curtains. She smiled demurely and said she had a gift for each of them. She walked back through the curtains as the girls looked around and then at each other, not knowing what to think. Moments later she returned, handing them each a tiny velvet drawstring bag.

The first bag had a fresh, fruity smell and the woman said it would help with understanding; the violet colored pouch that smelled like jasmine and rose buds was for a happy disposition; the third tiny bag which sent out warm vanilla and musky aromas would boost self confidence.

As if breaking a spell, Victoria spoke up, asking her what they should do with the tiny pouches. The beautiful lady with the flowing black hair instructed them to sleep with them under their pillows and that every three years they were to trade pouches, until nine years had gone by.

“And what will happen then?” Victoria asked.

“Why, you will find true love, of course!”