Brands In Play

Barefoot VenusWhile the 3 Sisters were pursuing individual career paths a thought to work together emerged and in 1999 Barefoot Venus was established. With a passion to experience indulgence in the everyday, the sisters started crafting bath and body products for the daily routine. Using Mother Nature’s legendary powers to seduce the senses, beautify the body and help heal the spirit the philosophy of Barefoot Venus emerged.  

Old time ingredients consciously crafted to provide serious skin treatments and a wildly angelic experience.  Be prepared to glow like the Goddess you are!

BN3TH - We create engineered apparel focusing on men's underwear for all to feel confident in. We prioritize providing uncompromising support in the staple pieces that have a noticeable physical and mental impact on your everyday life.

Over time, we evolved as a company to begin championing a full range of apparel for any and every consumer, endeavour, occasion, climate, and style.

Our inspiration begins in our backyard - the mountains, the ocean, the people, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, but extends far beyond into the amazing world we live in.

Murchie's Fine Tea and Coffee - As a young boy working for Melrose's of Scotland, a prestigious tea import merchant in Britain, John Murchie delivered tea to Queen Victoria while she was in residence at Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Over time, John became familiar with the types of teas the Queen preferred and as his knowledge of tea grew, he started experimenting with blending teas on his own.

When John immigrated to Canada and settled on the West Coast, he brought with him his passion and expertise in tea. He took this passion and pioneering spirit to establish Murchie's Tea in 1894. The art of blending teas has been passed down from John along with his dedication to providing the best quality products for his discerning customers.

Corkcicle. - Take a Sip. Take a Stand. Choose to reuse. Look good while doing it!!! Cool bevy on the inside, cool style on the outside. Whether it's steaming or frosty, the triple-insulated stainless steel keeps your drink at the temperature you want. Designed to keep your beverages hot or cold, for an extended period of time and reduce plastic waste. Their easy-grip flat sides, and no-slip bottoms make them the perfect travel accessory to grab and go! 

Corkcicle is made to enhance personal style and reduce personal impact on the planet. Every time you use your Canteen or Tumbler, you help the environment by reducing plastic waste in landfills and the ocean. Plus, our Tumbler Straws are completely reusable too, so you can feel good about sipping in style.

KOMBIFounded in Montreal in 1961, the Canadian family-owned company’s mission is to keep winter lovers of all kinds warm from head to toe.  They are best known for their carefully crafted gloves and mitts, and have since extended the warmth experience to base layers, socks, hats, and cold weather accessories. 

Rosalinde CandlesFinding balance and happiness through the sounds and smells of nature, we realized there was an opportunity to provide a luxury product of value that gave back to the larger community.  Each scent provides a different emotional feeling: relaxation, invigoration, and mindfulness to name a few. Scented candles enable you to take these memories and emotional connections while travelling for work or simply relaxing at home.

It took a while to create meticulously blended fragrances using the finest essential oils to bring indulgent ambiance with a touch of luxury and sophistication.  However, when it was done right, we noticed that each time the scents enveloped the room, there was an automatic and magical reaction of bliss - I coined it automagical bliss.

We are commitment to exponential quality and value. Hope you love the scents and that they provide you with indulgent and instant ambiance thereby creating your own special memories.