Why Leela?

I am a believer, a dreamer.  Always searching for meaning....in anything.

I am also a dedicated Mom to two stand-up men who love to play sports.  It is an absolute pleasure to watch them play.  

They work hard and let their passion fuel their dreams.  Both of them excel at high level soccer and hockey. I am their #1 fan and have had the privilege of shaping our family needs around their practices, tournaments and games.

Fundraising is essential and I sold it all.  Friends and family graciously supported but some just asked if they could give what the team would make as they really didn't want what I was selling anyways.  It was embarrassing.  I came to quickly realize I was dedicating far too much time for a paltry return on investment. Further to that I was bothered by the fact that some kids weren't trying out for elite teams because of the cost to participate. So essentially teams were made up of families with the most means, not necessarily the most talent.   In the end I kept on thinking there had to be a better way to ensure a FAIR level of participation for all socio-economic groups.

One winter in particular I noticed that my sons and all their friends were crazy for a high-end, premium brand of underwear.  On a whim I contacted the company and asked if I could be set up as an ad-hoc retailer to run a fundraiser.  It's a cliché, but the rest is history.

I started contacting premium, exclusive brands and asked if I could sell their top 10 or so products thru an online store for the margin to be given back to the team.  Leela was born.

Leela in sanskrit means effortless and spontaneous play.  And our store is shaped around that philosophy.  We are connecting premium brands with discerning buyers and sharing a majority of the stores profits with the teams who partner with us.  Our dream is that together, kids get to JUST play!  You just shop for the highly sought after brands you love and we take care of the rest.  

Our brand identifier is the 'play' button with the sanskirt symbol for prosperity resting inside.  We are hoping to disrupt the fundraising space. We want the kids to play regardless of family income and the parents to enjoy the experience and not stress over money.  

Unknowingly, my boys led me down this path.  My passion and my purpose unveiled in their sports.  They are my motivation and inspire me everyday.  It's a pretty spectacular thing.